Letters Of Recommendation

May 16, 2015

Dee Collier was recently a featured speaker at a Women’s Retreat at my church, Duluth First United Methodist Church in Duluth, GA.  She brought to life the character of Fanny Crosby for our annual Amazing Women’s Event.  Dressed in period costume and with make-up, wig and mannerisms, Dee brought this historical person right into our midst.  Her portrayal of the blind song writer was exquisite.  She even had another person lead “Fanny” onto and off the stage.  Even after the program was over, she continued to stay in character to answer questions.

Dee is an accomplished dramatist who brings not only an accurate and intimate glimpse into the past, but she also weaves a very meaningful and spiritual message into her presentations.  This event was attended by approximately 80 United Methodist Women, including our senior pastor.  As a result of her presentation, our senior pastor requested that she return at a future date to present another historical character, probably Corrie ten Boom, to the entire congregation at three different services on a Sunday morning.

A visit from Dee as an historical character promises to be both entertaining and inspirational.  God has truly given her a gift which she freely shares with others.  You will be in for a rare treat.

Terrie Adkins, Vice President/Program Chairman
Duluth United Methodist Women
Duluth, GA

May 24, 2103

Technically, she would be dubbed a “guest speaker”.  However, that term isn’t quite sufficient.  It goes deeper than that.  Dee Collier, as Corrie Ten Boom, introduces her audiences to a new friend, a resolute woman whose work with the Dutch Underground passively opposed Nazi Germany’s attempted genocide of Europe’s Jewish population.

Dee, in period costume, weaves Corrie’s personal story into an engaging narrative that transports her listeners back to WWII and war torn Europe.  Every year, as she interacts with my high school classes, I observe my students spellbound and, at times, teary eyed during her narrative that includes Corrie’s arrest, the death of her family, and her eventual release, due to a clerical error, from Ravensbruck Prison.

The half hour program ends with Dee’s gripping account of Corrie forgiving the Nazi guard who was responsible for brutal assaults on prisoners at Ravensbruck, including her dear sister Betsy who dies in the camp.  For the past three years, my students barely breathe as they witness “Corrie”, one of Yad Vashem’s Righteous Among the Nations, reaching her hand out toward the former Nazi guard in an act of forgiveness.  (I, myself, hold my breath, and I’ve watched the program at least six times!)

Over 100 hours of research into her character has paid huge credibility dividends in Dee’s historical interpretation of this famous woman of courage.  Her ability to field questions from participants on the time period, the Ten Boom Family, the Holocaust and her preparatory research is impressive.

The visit ends with Corrie admonishing her listeners to understand and apply the healing properties of forgiveness in their own lives as a means to move beyond their own hurts and tragedies.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Dee Collier in her inspiring characterization of Corrie Ten Boom, or her interpretation of Martha Washington to any public school teacher whose curriculum includes either the Holocaust or the Revolutionary War.

Janet Claytor,
Social Studies Teacher
Vanguard High School

A picture is worth a thousand words, but there are not enough words to describe what a live performance can do!  When Dee Collier presented Susan B. Anthony to our students at Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts it was as if we were back in time!  Dee Collier was able to portray the deep convictions Anthony held in a way we will always remember. In full costume, she pulled the audience into the time and day in which Miss Anthony worked to change her world. Dee Collier reached into the person and soul of the woman that made it possible for woman to vote, bringing out little known facts that formed this amazing American figure.  As a teacher and an American I recommend this presentation!

Mrs. Kathleen Saunders
5th Grade Teacher

Larry Hershfield

Hi Dee,

Thank you very much for your portrayal of Martha Washington, known as Patsy to her friends, at Early American History club in The Villages last Thursday.

Your presentation was marvelous. Your costume was perfect and set the mood beautifully for your talk. The information you provided was very informative and much of it was new and so interesting.  How you can remember all of the lines of the different characters you portray and not mix them up is remarkable. Your great sense of humor shined through too.

This was your third performance before our club and it was superb! Having you present is always a joy for our attendees. We really appreciate it!

Also, please “Thank” Patty Flanders for her introduction of you which was excellent.

Dee, I apologize for providing outdated information about the number of characters you portray and how long you have been doing it. Hope you’ll forgive me. I learned an important lesson.

Want to have you back to portray Paul Revere’s wife next year and will get in touch with you next month to discuss it.

Again, thanks for everything!


We had the pleasure of having you, as Martha Washington, visit our 5th grade class several years ago here at Belleview Elementary.  It was such a success!  The students referred to your visit throughout the remainder of the year and learned so much!